Celebrity Stiffs League 2012

This is one of those games where people choose a list of celebrities, and score points depending on which ones die. Each competitor enters a team of 10 celebrities and then waits for the Grim Reaper to start knocking on doors.

Last years game has finished, and the scores are available in the archives

The competition is currently closed and no further entries are allowed at the moment.

Summary of 2011 season:

High scores would have been obtained for:
Points were scored for

The final competition has ended and the following medals were awarded for 2011:
Andy W earns a Bronze medal.
Ryan Moore earns a Gold medal.
Richard Brown earns a Silver medal.
ooomox earns a Silver medal.
Jane earns a Bronze medal.
karen williams earns a Bronze medal.
john.s earns a Bronze medal.
ALex earns a Bronze medal.

Posted on: 22/Jan/2012